Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Girl's in The Outdoors Christmas

Want to know what a Girl's In The Outdoors Christmas looks like?
     First, there's some ATV time with Aunt Hilary (I was informed by my little niece that the red one is the best one - heck yeah!!).
     Then there's some gifts like this pink shotgun for our niece (it is a foam dart toy gun).

     And of course some outdoor themed gifts for adults. I got my large double decker Plano box (WooHoo!), some fishing lures (including a giant spinner) and plastics, RED (yes, I said RED) tackle tamers, a sight for my pistol, some fly tying supplies, a pocket guide for Freshwater Fish and a popcorn popper for the motorhome. My husband got a cute fisherman mug, a skull gear shifter knob for his ATV and some reactive targets.

     I also got some jewelry making tools so I can have some jewelry ready for Valentine's Day.

     It was a great Christmas and I can't wait to use all of my gifts and to take my girls for a ride on "The Red One" when the weather gets warmer.

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