Monday, November 25, 2013

Something I Said I Would Never Ever Do...

     I have always said I would never ever go ice fishing....ever. Last winter, our ice fishing guest post kind of got me to rethinking it but I kept focusing on the cold and kept saying "noway." This winter my husband and a friend decided they were going to go ice fishing so this weekend we went to find some ice fishing gear for him. HIM, not me. All day long when my husband would jokingly hold up an ice fishing rod and ask if I wanted it, I would say no. It kind of became a fun game to find silly reasons why I didn't like the rod and/or reel. Some of my favorites were: it didn't have red, it didn't have a cork grip, it's too expensive and it wasn't cute enough. ALL day I did this until...
 until he held up "Cherry Apple." When my husband held this rod and reel up this argument happened in my head:
Voice 1: It's Pretty!
Voice 2: Uh...NO!
The color is so perfect! It's cute! It has a cork handle! It's the perfect price! AND it has a cute name!
If you buy it, you will have to go ice fishing!
I could do it.
You freeze easily, you won't have any fun because you'll be frozen solid!
I can do it! I have plenty of warm clothes than I can layer, plus if I get too cold I can go sit in the vehicle for awhile.
You are seriously thinking about doing this?
Okay, but only the rod and reel for now. Nothing else!!! If you like it, then you can get lures later.

      Remember My "Cuz It's Red" post? Well, here's more proof to support it. The ONLY reason I'm going ice fishing this winter is because my husband showed me "Cherry Apple" and I fell in love with it.

    Isn't it pretty? Looks like I'll be going ice fishing at least once this winter and be able to write my own ice fishing post...or 3.

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