Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bass Pro Christmas

If you've never gone to the Bass Pro Shops Christmas village, you need to. This is the Denver store from the top floor looking down.

They didn't have as much going on it seemed like. It was still fun though and I got in a fight with the camera so there weren't many pictures taken.

There are shooting games, race cars, train, monster trucks, crafts and drawings. They also have treats for sale. Those cinnamon pecans are my weakness, I can smell them through the entire store!

 There is also a carousel which is a lot of fun for kids. I kind of wish we had a smaller kid to take with us so I could have ridden.
 Since our godkids are too old for Santa, we didn't go through the line for Santa. If you do I, go get your Santa pass first! Sometimes the passes aren't for a couple hours wait so it's better to go get your pass and do some shopping while you wait for your turn with Santa.

 Of course there are also the regular Bass Pro fun like the aquarium.

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  1. We went last year and I loved it! Even talked my teen girls AND the hubby into sitting with Santa. Fun times! Our Virginia store didn't have the carousel though.