Friday, May 31, 2013

Hot Dogs Day 1 - Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

     What do you do when you buy a large amount of hot dogs for a camping trip and that camping trip ends up being canceled? You put those hot dogs in the freezer for an upcoming Memorial Day BBQ & thaw them out a few days before the BBQ. What happens when you prepare too much food for that BBQ and nobody wants the hot dogs? You search the Internet for creative hot dog ideas and then you post those ideas on your blog! Prepare for 3 or 4 days of hot dog posts!!
     I'm sure those of you that spend a lot of time on Pinterest have seen the bacon wrapped hot dog pin. I decided this would be the first hot dog post. You need hot dog buns, bacon, hot dogs, cheese (optional) and tooth picks.
      If you don't want the cheese, skip this part. I think Swiss Cheese would have been awesome and probably wouldn't have melted so fast. Cut a slit in the hot dog, pull the hot dog apart a little bit and put the cheese inside.

Stuffing Hot Dogs With Cheese
     Next, Wrap the hot dogs with bacon. I wrapped the hot dogs with 2 pieces of bacon, but I think 1 pieces would have been better and it would have gotten crispier. Use tooth picks to secure the bacon to the hot dog.

Bacon Wrapped Around The Hot Dogs
     All of the posts I founds on Pinterest said to grill these, but the wind was so bad the grill wouldn't light so the frying pan worked okay. A grill would definitely work better though.

Starting To Cook
  Because it too took so long to get the bacon crispy, all of the cheese leaked out and burned. One piece of bacon and a grill would help prevent this.

Getting Crispy
     Top with your favorite hot dog condiment.......or eat plain.

Very Yummy!

     I wonder if this would work on a hot dog fork over a fire?

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