Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Fall or Winter Drive?

We decided to load up my dad and our dogs and go look at the fall colors yesterday.

 This summer we have been busy working on our house and haven't been doing much fishing and we haven't done any camping or atving so we really needed a full day of fun.

 We drove to BueƱa Vista, CO and drove over Cottonwood Pass. On the way up we noticed some snow but then... got icy!

The snow was beautiful!

I can't remember if I've ever been to Taylor Park Reservoir and after this trip, I think I want to come back when it is a little warmer.

I love doing these exploring day trips. We spend most of the day in the truck or car, but we find places we want to explore more with the camper, atvs and/or fishing poles.

We found some more fall colors without snow.
 We decided since there were signs saying there could be a 30 minute delay on Monarch right now and would probably find more snow instead of fall colors, we would try another road. We decided when we travel to areas over the Continental Divide, this way will add a little time to our trip, but we won't have to pull the camper over Monarch! Very excited about this find!

We definitely had a fun trip and I took so many photos, it took me forever to decide which ones to post. If you have any fall photos you would like to share, email them to

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