Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lucky Rainbow Trout Fingernails

     I love fun designed fingernails and when I found this design on Pinterest I HAD to figure out how to do it. It has also become a lucky charm during a few of our fishing trips this summer. The girls that had the Rainbow Trout Fingernails were the only girls catching anything on those trips.

     I use Avon nail polish because it is the only nail polish my fingernails like. If I use a different brand, my fingernails peal and the polish chips off the next day. Also, I have the sweetest Avon lady ever and I can't bring myself to say "I have enough nail polish" when she tells me there 's a nail polish sale. The colors I use for Rainbow Trout are: (from left to right) Moonbeam, Inspired Iris, Midnight Green, French Tip White and the Black Nail Art (I like the little brush, when it is empty I'll refill it with the regular sized bottle of black. I also use the Sally Hanson No Chip Acrylic Top Coat because it helps protect my design while we're fishing, camping, riding or anything else in the outdoors. This design works better with short nails (which I usually have). It is VERY important to let each layer dry before adding the next color.
The Colors I Use
 First, brush the entire nail with the Moonbeam.

The Belly Color
 Next, brush a wide stripe of Inspired Iris down the middle of the fingernail. (The stripe is under my bright camera flash glare.)

The Part That Makes It A Rainbow Trout
 The third step is to brush Midnight Green on half of the fingernail.

The Top Of The Fish
 Here is where it starts to look like a fish. A big dot of white on the Green towards the front of the fingernail is the beginning of the eyeball.

"Don't get the net until you can see the whites of his eyes."
 Almost done! Add the small black dot to the white dot to finish the eyeball and add a few black dots to finish the design.

My Fish Can See!
 The final step is to brush on the protective coat. You HAVE to wait for all of those black dots to dry before doing this or the protective coat will smear your dots. You can see in the picture below my eyeball dots were still a little too wet when I put my top coat on.

Cute Little Good Rainbow Trout Finger Nails
Do you have an outdoor themed fingernail design you want to share? Email and we'll share your design with everybody and we'll share some stickers and maybe some other items with you.

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