Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Was A Good Year

     2013 wasn't a very outdoorsy year for us but we still had a lot of fun and had a lot happen. We made a lot of changes that will lead to being able to have a lot more fun with our family and also as a growing outdoor blog & website. Here is a review of our 2013:
     One of the most proud moments was changing from just a blog to a full website with a blog and store! We are still working on improvements to the website and keep adding new items to the store all of the time. Be sure to visit

     Since we didn't do many trips this year, we made the ones we did do count. We made sure we made a few trips with our family so we could make lots of memories together. We had a lot of fun on those trips and will be ready for more memories in 2014.

Father's Day Double Header
      Another exciting even was when I was chosen to be the Colorado Prostaffer for Schadeycreek Fishing Lures. Since we didn't do many trips this year, the only thing I caught on a Schadeycreek Lure was a crawdad, but it was a start and I am very excited about supporting a great company.

Crawdad on a Schadeycreek Lure
      I also took up a few new hobbies this year to expand my outdoor knowledge. The first hobby is fly fishing. In our back yard I can cast with great form and make a fly land close to where I wants it to land. In front of water, I get a little frustrated and tangled up. In 2014 I hope to improve my fly casting and be more comfortable with fly fishing. I am convinced the problem is, there isn't any red on my fly rod or reel so I will be working on getting some red on it this winter.

Practicing Fly Casting

     I also started fishing from a float tube this summer. I love my float tube! I love being on the water and it helped me get back onto the water since we hadn't been able to find a new boat. I will be able to get out on the water in areas that a regular boat can't get into.

Float Tubing

       Another hobby I took up was geocaching. Geocaching is fun and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes I start to get frustrated & grumpy when I can't find a cache and think about giving up, but then when I find that little container I get all giddy and can't wait to see what is inside. Once the container is placed back it it's hiding spot, I'm ready to find the next one. I really need a newer GPS though, maybe with a little more red on it.

Geocaching Find

     I haven't been on an ice fishing trip yet, but I now own an ice fishing rod. It's called Candy Apple and it has the perfect amount of red so I should be really good at ice long as I don't freeze solid.

My Candy Apply Ice Fishing Rod
       We sold our motorhome, the rock crawler and the old truck and bought a bigger, more powerful truck and a 5th wheel camper. We are very excited about going on more adventures with this setup that we could with the motorhome. We've even started to plan some out of state trips. We are also excited about not losing our camping spot when we decide to go for a drive like sometimes happened with our motorhome.

Ready to go camping!
      Three years ago we sold our boat and started looking for "The" boat. We wanted enough room for all of our family, all of our fishing gear and toys and to be comfortable with a full boat or when it is just us. A couple months ago we found "The" boat. We have missed being out on the lake and can't wait to get back on the lake in our Hurricane Deck Boat!

"The" Boat
       We want to make sure all of our followers and customers know how much we appreciate your support. We hope you enjoy the blog posts and our social media posts. We have a lot planned for 2014 and can't wait to get back to our normal fishing, boating, camping, shooting, atving and playing schedule. Be sure to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest & Etsy so you don't miss any of our adventures, advice or specials. 

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