Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our First Interview!

Every month we will have an interview of someone involved in the outdoors. I have made a list of questions for women, men and also for kids. Our first interview is from the man behind Girls In The Outdoors and my husband. My questions are in black and his answers are in red.

What is your name? Kris Westhoff
Where Are You From? Colorado, but I've been lucky to live in many different states in the western US.

         What outdoor activities do you like to participate in?
Fishing, camping, boating, ATVing, hunting, hiking, shooting. In no particular order.

How long have you been participating in these activities and who introduced you?
My family would go to the lake some Saturdays when I was very young and I loved being outdoors. Later, I started doing all the above things on my own and rekindled my outdoor spirit.

       Are you involved in any organizations? 
Girls In The Outdoors  I support and help my wife so she can have a great time in the outdoors and so she can help other girls become interested with all the fun of outdoor activities.
You left out that you are also a cameraman, trip planner, chauffeur, mechanic, teacher, social media assistant, proof reader and an idea generator.

       Have you introduced any girls to the outdoors? If so, who and how?
My wife Hilary, god daughter Brosia, and niece Cori. I take them fishing, boating, ATVing, camping, and shooting.
We all love you for that, too! 

Uncle Kris and Niece Cori

5    How do you encourage your girls in the outdoors?
Make it fun, like give them their own equipment in their favorite color. Introduce them to new things.
He has spent a lot of time looking at red, purple and pink fishing gear.

6     What is your favorite “I've created a monster” moment?
The first one is most memorable. She swore she would never need much fishing tackle and everything she needed would fit into her medium size, two tray, tackle box. Let’s just say she has a lot more fishing gear now!
I wouldn't consider that a "created a monster" moment.......ok, actually that is a good answer.

     Do you have any advice for others that would like to get their wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter/etc. involved in the outdoors?
Keep it fun. For example take her fishing where you know she can catch fish. If you take her shooting start with a .22, don’t scare her with a gun that kicks hard. Take it slow at first. For example when fishing I baited the hook & took the fish off for my wife for the first year we were together because it was “gross”.
I still don't take toothy fish off the hook by myself or bass that need the hook wrestled out of their lips. My fingers are afraid of sharp objects from accidents with knives and razors.

What outdoor activity do you wish your girl(s) would do with you?
Hunting and longer hikes.

 Do you have any frustrations getting your girl(s) involved? If so, what are they and how do you work through them?
Early mornings. Sometimes I let her sleep in when we go camping.
What do you mean early mornings?! How are they frustrating to you? Oh, because I have a hard time getting out of bed early. Never mind. Next question.

What do you enjoy about having your girl(s) join you?
Everything. I love the excitement my wife still gets when she catches a fish, watching her beam with pride when she puts every shot where she wants while target shooting, relaxing with her by the campfire after a fun day on an ATV trail.

       Is there anybody (living or dead) you wish you could hunt or fish with?
Bill Dance would be a fun guy to fish with.

      What are 3 things you always bring with you no matter what outdoor activity you are doing?
Pocket knife, water, CCW.
CCW stands for conceal carry weapon.

Thank you very much Kris for being the first person to be interviewed. You did a great job and I think this is going to be a fun monthly post! If you would like to be interviewed, email and let us know. We will email you the first set of questions and then if we think of more after we receive your questions, we'll email you some more.

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