Thursday, November 1, 2012

4 Bites, 4 Species

     I can't believe I didn't post the pictures of the fish from my birthday trip! The water was really cold so we didn't catch as many as we usually do at that lake, but there is a fun story behind the ones we did catch. We were fishing the river next to a bridge and my jig caught the bridge. I was about to cut the line when my husband told me to let him try. A few seconds after he handed me his rod, the bobber went under water. I was surprised to see a crappie when it came to shore. Since I was in charge of the rod at the time of catch, I got credit for it.
     A few minutes later my husband caught this nice cat fish on his rod.

I decided to give up on the lures and jigs and switch to a worm and bobber like my husband so he handed me his rod while he went to get me a bobber. Well, a few seconds later, his bobber was under water again. A nice drum became fish #3 for the day. Too bad he flopped in the dirt a little before he posed for his picture.

      With my newly rigged rod, bite #4 was a little bluegill. Bite #5 was also a bluegill. We were hoping we could keep catching different species every time we had a bite, but we were still excited about catching fish.

      On the last morning we went back to the river (because that's where we were catching fish) and I made sure my husband didn't catch the only catfish of the weekend. It's hard to see, but my catfish had really nice markins on his sides.

     Only 6 fish for the long weekend, but we still had a lot of fun. I also got my jig back from the bridge which was great since it was one of my new jig heads and bodies.

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