Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Caught" Some Wildlife Finally

     We originally bought the game camera to catch the bear that likes to poop in our driveway. About a month ago we moved the game camera to the back yard to see if we could catch the deer that has been leaving tracks back there. We have only been catching the neighbors, trash trucks, my husband, myself and the maillady coming and going. We haven't checked the camera in a long time because there hasn't been anything exciting on it in awhile. Last night we decided to pull the card and check it. This time we saw a firetruck (no lights), some crazy people riding our ATVs around our property (I was 1 of those crazy people) and then we saw this!

      The year is messed up on our camera again so it was actually taken October 28, 2012 and 4:04 AM. There were a couple pictures taken during the day of some neighbors and then that night, this picture was taken!

     He walked through the yard later that night! We've seen does cruising around the neighborhood during the day but we haven't seen a buck and we weren't expecting to see one that big! I hope we get to see him and some of his friends again soon!

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