Monday, March 11, 2013

Paper Bead Jewelry

     I promised to tell you about my paper bead jewelry and then I got busy. Sorry! I've been planning our 1 year anniversary celebration next month.
      The paper beads may not look like outdoor themed jewlery, but they really are. If you look close you can see words, parts of photos and some prices. That is because the beads are made out of old regulations books and newsletters, catalogs and sale flyers from sporting goods stores.

      I've made necklaces and bracelets so far and I will be making earrings out of them soon.

     I also have different colors. Some of the beads I use the color of the pictures, but sometimes I add color. Regulation books have a lot of just newsprint pages and those work great for adding color to(usually with markers).

      I also add some glass beads for accent and to seperate the paper beads. Each bead is unique in color, size and shape because they are handmade. The beads are water resistant, but not water proof - which means don't go swimming in them but it's okay if a fish splashes a little water on them.

     Check out all Girls In The Outdoors' jewelry at: During our 1 year anniversary celebration you will be able to win some of the paper bead jewlery and also save 25% on everything listed in our Etsy store! The celebration sale begins April 1st and runs the entire month of April.

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  1. Very well crafted! You girls are really talented.