Sunday, March 31, 2013

Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary The ENTIRE Month Of April!

Help us celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Traditionaly the 1 year wedding anniversary is the "paper" anniversary so we decided to have a Paper GITO anniversary! There are LOTS of ways to win some Girls In The Outdoors paper stickers or some Girls In The Outdoors paper beaded jewelry.
     Let's start with the month long contests.
#1 What is the funniest or weirdest thing you have ever caught on the end of a fishing pole? Email pictures ( or share them on facebook of the weirdest or funniest thing you have ever caught on your fishing pole.

The first catch from our first outing on our boat my husbnad caught a float tube flipper.
#2 Share your funny camping, fishing, hunting, rock crawling, hiking, biking, atving and other outdoors stories. Email them or share them on Facebook. If you have pictures, send those, too.

My husband in a mudhole that was deeper than he though it was and then got stuck on a huge log that was hiding in the mudhole.
#3 Send us funny outdoor themed photos of your pets. We have 2 dogs that love to go on outdoor adventures with us. If for some reason my girls can't go with us, I miss them a lot. I think it is harder to ride my ATV without my dacshund hanging off the front and it's hard to sleep at night without my protective lab in the tent or motor home with us. We have a lot of funny pictures of our girls and even more funny stories about them.
Lady Kaos getting ready for pheasant season.
#4 Share our Facebook and Twitter pages with your friends & tell them to let us know you sent them. If they let us know you sent them, they can be entered to win prizes and you will be entered 1 time for every friends that says you sent them. We aren't trying to get a high number of likes or followers, we just want to share our pages, blog and information with as many people as we can that will enjoy our information, pictures and stories.
Gunnar is in charge of keeping track of likes and followers.
There will be trivia and other contests throughout the entire month of April so be sure to check Facebook (Girls In The Outdoors), Twitter (@GirlsInOutdoors) and the blog for details on those. We might come up with even more ways to win some paper anniversary gifts!

 For the entire month of April you will also save 25% in our Etsy Shop by using the coupon code GITO1YRANNIV.


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