Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning

     This weekend we did some spring cleaning and went to buy our fishing license for 2013. The motor home has it's new custom spare tire cover put on and the new hitch cover put in (see the boat propeller?). Some other little things were done outside and next weekend, the inside will be cleaned and some stuff will be loaded back in. I can't wait!! I hate the day the motor home gets winterized and I get very excited when it's time to un-winterize.
      I also went through all my tackle and started going through my day bags. I put away all my new lures I bought on the last Bass Pro trip and got for Valentine's Day. I also cut old line off of weights and hooks, added hook bonnets to lures that were missing theirs, cleaned off dirt that was left on from last summer, organized a little bit and threw away broken bobbers and disfigured hooks. I didn't get very far on the day bags, maybe that will be good one to do a post about.

     I got distracted when the Girls In The Outdoors stickers arrived! I can't wait to start handing them out!

     I had to get up to stretch my legs and when I came back I laughed at what I saw. Can you tell where I was sitting? My "helper" dropped her ball there because she knew I would throw it out of my spot when I came back (she has a fetching addiction).

     Did anybody else get any fun spring cleaning done this weekend?

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  1. Actually, yeah! We also did some spring cleaning last week end, and we're going to finish it this upcoming one. The RV is ready for the summer, I checked all engines, oils, and tires. Now, we have to attack the house in order to leave it clean when we go. The worse..... when are you actually leaving?