Saturday, April 13, 2013

Girls In The Outdoors Day at John Martin Reservoir

     Last weekend was supposed to be our first camping trip of the year. Notice I said "supposed to be." My brother, sister-in-law and niece camped but our had a small issue so we were only able to make it a day trip. We started off the trip by handing out some Girls In The Outdoors stickers.
Ambrosia's hand, Cori, Kelly & Hilary
     My sister-in-law forgot her Girls In The Outdoors t-shirt so my niece decided Mommy needed to put the sticker on her forehead.

Cori & Kelly
     We loaded up in vehicles and headed to the south side of the lake to start fishing. The water level of John Martin Reservoir is really low right now. I'm not sure many people have ever seen it this low before.
John Martin Dam from the north side of the lake
     There aren't many dams you can drive across anymore so when we can drive across we take our time and take a lot of pictures as we cross.

The sign at the beginning of the dam

Birds enjoying the water
John Martin Dam

I have never been able to take a pictre of this dam without soncoming traffic in the picture

     here is a view of the dam from the south side. Pretty low, but still a cool picture.

View from south side of John Martin Reservoir
     Along with my brother and his family, my friend and her family joined us for the day. This day was a perfect Girls In The Outdoors day that showed the perfect reason why I started this blog. We had several people that fish all the time, a few that fish once-in-awhile and a couple that hadn't fished in many years.
Jordan, Randall, Kelly, Ambrosia & Amber
     One of my favorite parts of both our Girls In The Outdoors trips and our Papa's Fishing Club trups is all the learning that happens. In this photo my Godson is telling my niece about some of his lures in his tacklebox.

Jordan & Cori
     We posed in front of the dam to show off our t-shirts.

Amber, Hilary, Ambrosia & Cori (in the front)
     We decided to check out the river instead of driving back across the dam. This is one of our favorite spots to fish the river. We didn't go down there on that day because the river was so low and the water wasn't flowing. See that bar across the bottom of the bridge support. That is usually either touching the water or in the water.

Looking down river.
     It was a fun day for hanging out with friends and family and the weather was gorgeous. I wish we had been able to catch some fish and been able to go camping.

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  1. Glad you had a fun time! It's interesting to see pictures of a dam that was built during the war....