Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some RV Orginazation Tips

     Since camping season has begun for most people, I thought I would share some of my RV organization tips I have learned over the 3 years we have owned our motor home. I am always looking for new ways to make things easier in an RV because I get frustrated when I can't find something that I know is in there somewhere.
     First, we'll start with some kitchen and pantry organization. Below is our kitchen in our motor home. One of the things I wish our motor home had was more storage space especially for cooking tools and food. I have found ways to help with the organization issues and also take care of some other annoying little things about an RV. Look at the stove top and you will notice there are no burners on it. It drove us crazy listening to those rattle while we were driving down the road. The people we bought the motor home from, told us they always put something heavy on the burners to keep them from rattling but we thought that was a really bad idea. We combined that problem with another small issue we had to take care of in the kitchen. See that curtained area above the stove hood?

     The curtained area above the hood is the spot for the microwave. Most people worry about breaking the glass plate in a microwave while driving down the road, but we added that to the stove burner rattling plan.
      The inside of our motor home microwave looks like this. Each of those 4 pouches has a stove burner in it and the towel is wrapped around the microwave's glass plate. The pouches fill up the microwave so the plate doesn't move around and each burner is protected in a pouch so it won't hit anything and make a bunch of noise driving down the road.

     Each burner pouch is perfect size for 1 burner. There is a piece of padding on the bottom side that adds an extra little bit of protection and the Velcro closure makes it easy to get into the pouch and keeps it closed so the burner stays in the pouch. It is SO nice not listening to those burners rattleing while we're driving down the road.

     The next kitchen issue we fixed was the pots and pans storage area and the food storage area. Most RV cabinets are just one large open space with no shelves inside which means you just have to stack everything together. Of course when you stack everything and then drive down a bumpy road, turn a corner or look for something in the cabinet, everything moves and then it becomes a huge mess. To fix this issue, we added some closet and house kitchen cabinet shelving to our RV kitchen storage space. Here is what the pots and pans cabinet looks like. Now, to use that blue pot on the bottom left, I don't have to take both frying pans out to get to it!

      Here is the food pantry storage area empty. This is where I was the most excited about adding the shelving. To get a can of soup out was almost impossible if everything had fallen over.

      Here is what those cabinets look like full. Those 3 baskets are great for storing small items like spices, cans of Vienna Sausages, gravy mix and other small food items. One thing I decided to do for next year is to take a picture before we empty these cabinets for winter. I couldn't remember where everything went and kept having to move stuff around. After I took this picture I moved everything around 2 more times and then asked my husband to come in and fix it because I was too frustrated.

     Another nice kitchen organization item we added was this little wire basket. It was originally made for silverware drying. My husband cut off the little hooks on the back that were made to hang on a dish drying wrack and we used a few 3M Command hooks to hold it to the wall.

      The spices we use the most of while cooking are right by the stove and they can stay there for the ride. The salt and pepper containers are small spice containers with a piece of electrical tape holding them together. You screw off the pepper to get to the salt and they are both handy at all times.

      This next one I am very proud of. We needed an easy way to carry small amounts of flour, rice, sugar, hot cocoa mix, rock salt (for the ice cream ball), pancake mix and tea bags. I was making some lemonade for my niece one day and thought they would make perfect containers for the motor home. I found that the name brand (Country Time and Kool Aid) containers work the best. The container the tea bags are in (middle of the top row) a generic brand and they don't seal as good. You do have to clean them really well then put baking soda in it for a few days and wash it really good again. You don't want your flour and pancake mix absorbing the lemonade and Kool Aid taste from the previous contents. If you can't smell the lemonade aid or Kool Aid anymore, then you're safe.

      This next photo isn't really an organization tip, it's more of a safety when opening the fridge door tip. You can kind of see those spring loaded dowels across every shelf in the fridge and the top shelf of the freezer (there was also one across one of the pantry cabinets). Those dowels have saved my toes and the top of my head many times. When fridge and cabinet items get moved around during the ride to camp, sometimes they rest against the door so when you open the door they come flying out. Those dowels prevent a lot of items from flying out and landing on your head or foot.

      You have to have your hotdog and marshmellow forks handy at all times but storing them isn't always easy. My husband came up with this idea. He got some 2 sided Velcro strips and stabled them to the wall above the bathroom and closet doors and it is the perfect spot to store the forks. The bad part is, your niece might see them and expect a fire every night you are camping so she can cook her hotdog by herself.
      Now for the bathroom. We have one of those tiny RV bathrooms where the entire bathroom is the shower. At the time we bought the motor home I didn't think it would be a big deal. After a few uses I realized it was kind of a pain, mostly because it is hard to juggle your soaps, the shower and make sure water doesn't get behind the shower curtain where it can leak out of the bathroom door or into the medicine cabinet. I used to put the soaps in the sink but the curtain pulls across the sink so it protects the medicine cabinet. For this year we added the shower caddy basket that you usually hang on your shower head in your house. (Does anybody else have a Flammable Gas sign hanging on the inside of their RV bathroom door?)

      Here is a closeup look of the shower basket hanging on the bathroom wall. We used the 3M Command hooks again (Those are great for use in RVs).

      Here is everything loaded in the shower basket. There's enough room if we have any guest campers with us, they can put their shower items in the basket, too. I can't wait to try the basket out. Even when the day comes that we upgrade our motor home to something a little bigger with the "dry toilet" bathroom (meaning the toilet isn't in the shower), this basket will still come in handy because everything stays in it really nice while you are driving down the road.

     I am always looking for ideas on how to organize our RV so if you have any ideas (especially if it has anything to do with organizing that closet) please email them to


  1. Great tips! As an organized soul, I really enjoying seeing things like this :)

  2. That definitely gives me ideas for my food cabinets! Great tips!