Monday, September 16, 2013

All Of Your Spinner Lure Questions Answered - Part Three

Make sure you read Part One and Part Two before you read Part Three.
     The final piece of the Spinner I'll explain now is the tails or skirts. The dressing of the hook area also increases the profile of lure when it is swimming through the water. The dressing can also add lift and resistance which will help in slower retrievals.

        Traditional dressing are animal hair, but advancements in synthetics have added more sparkle, colors and patterns to the tails and skirts. The traditional animal hair used is the same hairs used in fly tying: deer hair, squirrel tails and chicken feathers.

      A very interesting piece of information I found was that the most common color for a dressing whether it is fur, synthetics or feathers is red! I am not making this up to prove to my husband that I need more red spinners, I promise!!

     Soft plastics are another common dressing and while I was going through all of my spinners, I noticed tying flies onto the end of a spinner wire is becoming more popular.

So let's recap Spinners:
  • Inline, Spinner Baits, Buzz Baits and Live Bait are the 4 main types of Spinners.
  • The blade is the main attraction of a Spinner.
  • Colorado blades run high in the water.
  • Indiana, Indiana Fluted, Turtle Back and French blades run in mid range depths and re good for light river currents.
  • Inline and Willow blades run in the deeper depths.
  • The larger the blade, the more vibration the blade creates.
  • The tails and skirts can be made out of synthetics, deer hair, squirrel tail or chicken feathers.
  • RED is the best color to use in the dressing.....well, it's a very popular color for dressings.
  • If I was a fish, there is no way I could pass up a Spinner.
  • It is required to buy between 5 and 20 Spinners on each visit to any Bass Pro Shops.
 If you have any more questions about Spinners, contact us and we will make sure we answer all of your questions about Hilary's favorite type of lure.

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