Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guest Post: City Girl To Country Girl

     We asked Melanie Schade from Schadeycreek Outdoors to do a guest post for us and we are very happy she agreed to do it. Be sure to check out the Schadeycreek Outdoors website. Thank you Melanie!

 City Girl To Country Girl

     Never in a million years did I ever expect to be so passionate about the outdoors as I am now.  I came from a family that didn't hunt and rarely fished, in fact, I can only remember going fishing once or twice. And then I met a true outdoorsman. He introduced me to his way of life. We went for drives in the mountains and he showed me the true beauty in nature, the benefits of hunting and conservation, and the joys of enjoying what you harvest.

Melanie's Biggest Trout To Date, caught on a Schadeycreek Lure (the Emerald Shiner)
     I have become an avid fisherwoman. I love fishing, on ice or open water, lakes or ponds, it doesn't matter as long as my hook is in the water. I still have to master river fishing, LOL, but that will come with time.  Since I've started fishing I've caught some small fish and some big fish and it never ceases to amaze me when I can land the monsters. I often practice CPR (catch, photograph and release). We only take what we can use. 
Turkey Season Two Years Ago

     I've been hunting with my husband for the last 3 years and I love it. At first I was leery, could I handle watching an animal die? Could I actually eat that animal? The first test was a late season cow elk hunt. I really enjoyed looking for the elk, I wasn't use to the loudness of the gun but it was fun none the less. The next fall we resumed the test, during the muzzle loader deer hunt.  We were on the evening hunt and came across a doe and buck. They stood and watched as my husband got his aim and fired. The deer went about 5 yards and fell over. I thought to myself...ok this isn't bad. Then came the cleaning of the deer. I couldn't watch the first cut but after a minute I became curious and started to watch. On the way back to camp I felt a high that I didn't understand but after a while I realized it was the thrill of the hunt. We stalked the deer, hunted it and would soon take the meat home for the freezer. I am currently working on getting my hunter safety license so I can hunt with my husband and help provide food for our family.

Turkey season two years ago
     My first experience eating wild game was a memorable event. My husband made pheasant noodle soup and deer steak. I was very curious, the closest I'd ever come to wild game was a buffalo steak from the grocery store. First bite  and my mouth exploded with flavor. I was hooked! I learned my husband cut and treated his own meat. Having been a hunter his whole life, he knew the best way to prepare what he brings home. Since that first bite of wild game, I have enjoyed many a meal with fresh meat. Everything from deer and elk to pheasant and grouse.
Melanie With One Of Their Grouse From Last Fall
      Each season means something different in the outdoor life. Spring brings the thaw when the fish are hungry and eager to bite. Summer is when the fishing starts picking up and camping provides a much needed release from work and everyday life. Fall can't come soon enough for hunters. Winter is ideal for small game, birds, and of course ice fishing.  No matter the season I love getting out and enjoying the outdoors.


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