Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Meeting Of "Papa's Fishing Club"

   Yesterday the members of "Papa's Fishing Club" had a very important meeting. We had some serious issues to discuss so the 8 members loaded their "Papa's Fishing Club" hoodies, their fishing gear, their cameras and some snacks and drinks in 2 SUV's and headed to the mountains to thoroughly discuss every issue listed on the agenda.
     The first issue was how the colors were looking at Cottonwood Lake:
Cottonwood Lake With Some Fall Color
    The colors and views were awesome so that issue was taken care of.  The next issue was a big one and the most important. Our dad (aka: Papa) hasn't caught a fish this year because of some health issues from this year. That issue didn't take long to take care of which was great, especially since this was also his birthday "party."

My Dad and My Husband Bringing in Dad's Fish
      Dad's fish became the next issue and the only issue that wasn't on the agenda. Have you ever had a fish fart on you? Yes, I said fart! We used to joke about looking for bubbles in the lake water while we're on the boat because that was fish fart bubbles (If you've watched Deadliest Catch, we got that from Phil's crab fart advice). Now that we know that fish have that much gas, we are taking fish fart bubbles more serious!

The next issue up for discussion was if there was more color around the lake. We drove around the area a little and found there was a lot of colors. If I hadn't injured my ankle and had to sit in the back of the blazer with my ankle propped up, I would have gotten a picture of my sister-in-law hanging out the window of the second vehicle taking photos.

More Pretty Colors Around Cottonwood Lake
     The next issues we had to discuss was lunch and since there was a lot of barbecue sauce and grease involved, there were no pictures taken. So we move onto the issue of seeing if we could catch fish at another lake. My husband caught a fish at the next lake but didn't hold it up for a photo and my ankle was hurting really bad by now so I didn't walk over to get a better picture like I usually do.

My husband Kris on the bottom right releasing his fish, my niece Cori peaking through the railing on the far left with her mom Kelly looking down, my sister Gillian and her husband Justin in the background.
     The next issue up for discussion was the rest of the birthday celebration which was the birthday cake!! My sister made some Chocolate & Bass cupcakes for Dad's birthday cake. They were very cute and really yummy.

Chocolate and Bass Cupcakes
     My niece wanted to discuss the birthday cake issue a little longer but we decided we had discussed the cake issue long enough when we found chocolate frosting in her hair.

Cori and Her Chocolate Bass Cupcake
     A few months ago, I won some t-shirts from Piggy Back Rider so the next issue was for my brother Cole and my niece to model them.
Piggy Back Instruction T-Shirts
      The t-shirts worked well. My niece said the t-shirts were funny because "Aunt Hilary says they're funny."
      The last issue "Papa's Fishing Club" had to discuss was finding some more pretty views. We were able to take care of that last issue pretty quick.

     The meeting of "Papa's Fishing Club as adjourned and everybody went home exhausted.


  1. Absolutely loved this. It certainly does look like everyone had a great time. Especially the little gal with the cupcake!