Friday, September 21, 2012

Fly Paper & A Cool Range

     One of the ways my husband got me interested in target shooting (besides giving me red guns) was to make the targets fun. If the target is fun, I'll have more fun shooting and will keep shooting until I'm out of ammo! For Christmas last year, he gave me Fly Paper. When we went to check out a new shooting range this summer, I tried out my fly paper. The fly paper has a point system printed on the top right: Head=50, Wing=30 and Body =20. I was having a blast. When my husband said it was time to go shoot shotguns, I was going to argue with him until I realized we had been shooting pistols for an hour and a half! We were planning 45 minutes each so we would have time for lunch and some sightseeing before we had to head home.
      Of course I had more points on my target than my husband did. He said it was because I used more ammo than he did. That is true, but it is also because I'm better at shooting flies than he is.......right?

      There were a couple guys that were sharing our pistol range with us and I know they were jealous of my fly paper. When we would stop to go look at targets, I caught them catching a look at my targets, too.
     We enjoyed some mountain views while we were shooting. I love Colorado!

      One thing I learned during this trip is, you should have someone take pictures of you while you are shooting. I am embarrassed at how far I lean back!! I learned a lot about my stance and what I need to do to fix it. It was really bad (which is why I'm not sharing those pictures)! Here is a picture of me reloading my pistol.

     My husband insisted we go try out the shotgun range even though I really didn't want to. There were a lot of people at the range that day and even though there was nobody at the shotgun range at first, I knew everybody in the entire place would be watching how horrible I am at shooting the shotgun. It was a great shotgun range and it was fun, but I did horrible again and got frustrated. One of the pigeon throwers was messed up and it attacked me which made me even more frustrated. A little later a man and his girlfriend joined us. This was the first time the girl had been shooting and her boyfriend's shotgun was a little big for her. I let her shoot a little with my shotgun (it gave me a good excuse to "rest") and she did pretty good, then she picked up her boyfriend's gun again and shot 2 clay pigeons with 1 shot. It was an awesome shot and I was mad at her for a few secongs.I had a Girls In The Outdoors sticker for her. The views from the shotgun range were even better than the views from the pistol range which helped with my frustration level.

     It was a really fun range to shoot at and it was a really fun day and I can't wait to go shooting again so I can shoot some more flies and so I can fix my shooting stance!

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