Thursday, September 13, 2012

One More Time Before It Gets Too Cold

Last weekend we went to our new favorite camping spot one more time before it gets too cold to go up there. We took a couple new trails and stopped to fish the beaver ponds in the areas we had already been. It was another fun trip (until the drive home) and I can't wait for next summer so we can go up again.

I love taking pictures of Kaos playing catch! She gets some good air!

Did you think I'd forget to take a picture of camp? Of course I wouldn't!

Someone made a squirrel crossing sign.....or maybe it was a kangaroo crossing sign.

Apparently cattle guards work on Kaos dogs, too. She really wanted to cross but couldn't figure out how to balance her second step.

I wore my helmet on this trip so I wouldn't inhale so much dust again and so I could showoff my helmet ponytail.

My husband did some fishing in the beaver ponds and I hung out with the dogs because I remembered I have a low patience level fishing for trout in beaver ponds.

Here is the little trout my husband caught.

This picture was taken from camp. That little girl cracked me up. She would take corners really fast and when she let off her throttle, her little ATV backfired so loud it sounded like a gun. I wish I had the stickers made up so I could have given her one.


You look at this photo and see a cute little Sasha dog smiling, I look at this picture and know it's actually a picture of a cute little Sasha dog whining really loud because we stopped for a break. She whined every time the ATV wasn't moving.

My husband loves to play in the mud, my poor lab does not. Kris rode into this mud hole and found out it was way deeper than we thought it was. There was also a log in the bottom that he got hung up on and got stuck in the hole. Kaos had enough so she jumped out and found some shade to watch from.

I wish we had someone else with us on this trip to take pictures of when Little Red, Sasha and I pulled Kris and the Big Bad Wolf out of the nasty mud hole. That mud smelled horrible and is a pain to clean up. (See Kaos in her shade behind Kris? She wanted to get on my ATV when it was time to go again.)


This picture is funny because Sasha and I are both looking down in the same spot. That little dog loves to ride and helps me get through obstacles.

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