Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hot Dogs Day 3 - Pigs In A Sleeping Bag

     This hot dog post is dedicated to my dad because it was his idea. He has been talking about Pigs In A Sleeping bag for a few years now. This was a great idea and we will be remembering it for future.
     You need: hot dogs (duh!), all your hot dog toppings and some bread. The bread is important. You need a lite bread, not a heavy dense one.
What you need.
 While the grill is heating up, cut hot dog holes in the end of the bread. We found a fillet knife works great for this. (Just be careful of the end poking out the back of the bread.)

Cutting The Hot Dog Hole

The Hot Dog Hole
      You need to cut out the length of the hot dog and as wide. We actually cut a little deeper than the hot dog.
Some Final Trimming
 The cut outs make great dog treats for your "helpers."

The Bun Guts
      Grill the hot dogs to your desired doneness.

Cooking The Pigs
      If you want onion in the sleeping bag, cut them in slices instead of chopping them because they will slide in easier.

The Onion
      Squirt in your condiments. Don't try to get the condiments done to the bottom yet, the hot dog will take care of this later. 

Adding The Condiments
      Carefully slide the hot dog into the bread. You can add more condiments to the end if you want to.

Putting the Pig Into The Sleeping Bag
      These were really good! The condiments didn't drip out and make a huge mess all over the place and we found some nice fluffy rolls that worked great. They absorbed the condiments enough but also let some of the condiments slide with the hot dogs. That way the condiments were evenly dispersed through the bun.

My Hot Dog
      My husband added onion and sliced cheese to his. Next time we may have to get some spray cheese. That would have been easier to put in.

My Husband's Hot Dog
     These would have been great for chili, too. For Chili it would be a good ideas to take out more of the inside of the bread to make room for chili.
     There is one more Hot Dog Day post and I think it is my favorite.

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