Sunday, June 23, 2013

I L ove My Float Tube!

     For our wedding anniversary, my husband got me a float tube. I love being on the water and had been thinking about getting one for about a little over a year, but wasn't sure I would like it and didn't want to spend the money on one and then hate it. I was a little nervous at first so I went out without a fishing rod for the a little while.
The Maiden Voyage
      Since I wasn't sure if I would like the float tube, I didn't have waders or the right kind of flippers or life jacket. I was using my flippers from my snorkel set, the life jacket I use on the towable tube and was in a swimsuit. The water was a little cold at first so for mountain lakes I will definitely be getting waders. The flippers worked great and the life jacket was a little too bulky but it works for now.

Figuring Out How To Move The Tube In The Water
      I caught on quick so I went back to shore to get my fishing rod. I decided my Browning spinning rod and reel would be the best choice for the first trip since I still get frustrated with my fly rod.

LOOK! I'm Trolling!
      I had a lot of fun and was all over the pond. I tried lures for awhile, but then saw my husband catching a bunch of bluegill from the shore on a worm and bobber and decided it was time to try that instead.
Yes, I got tired of my lifejacket so I took it off and left it on shore. Need to get a less bulky life jacket for float tubing.
     It took awhile to get used to not being able to put my rod down when I needed to take a fish of the hook, but having the net/tray thing helped a lot. Next time we go out, I'm going to try fishing the bottom of the pond and hopefully catch some of the catfish. Now that I'm more comfortable in the tube, I kind of hope I catch a carp that likes to fight.....and then slips off the hook at the tube so I won't have to touch it (I HATE touching carp).

He may have been a small bass, but we haven't seen that big of one in the pond since it was overfished about 5 years ago.
      I didn't realize how long I was out there until I saw my husband had started packing up the gear on shore. My legs are going to be a little sore tomorrow. I also forgot sunscreen, back isn't going to be happy tomorrow either. I had a lot of fun and wish I had got one years ago! I'm glad I decided on the horseshoe shaped tube instead of the donut shaped one. Having the front of the tube open made it easier to get in and out of and also made it easier to pull the vegetation off that got stuck on my flippers. I think we need to find one for my husband, too so we could both go float around our favorite pond together!

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  1. Hillary, once is all it takes to get addicted to float tube fishing. Happy to see and read that you had a great time. Float tubing is one of the most relaxing and healthy things you can do. Plus, your fishing right at water level so you get to observe fish and other things that you normally wouldn't ever see. Go Float Tubing!