Monday, June 17, 2013

Hot Dogs Day 4 - Dog Kabobs

     We've been on a little break watching the Colorado fires, especially the Royal Gorge Fire since we live so close. The fire is 100% contained and our nerves are calmed so it's back to work.
     This was our favorite hot dog experiment. If we had done this recipe first, we probably would have done 4 days of Dog Kabobs instead of doing 4 different recipes. This recipe will work great for home grilling and both camp grilling and over the camp fire (as long as fire danger isn't too high). Kids will love to help make their own kabob.
     There isn't a real list of ingredients because like any kabob, you use ingredients you like. We used hot dogs, orange bell pepper (we chose orange to add more color), grape tomatoes, sweet pickles, onion and pepperoncini peppers. We used the metal skewers, but wood skewers or a hot dog fork would work great, too.
Our Ingredients
      First, cut the hot dog into 8 to 10 pieces. Also cut up any other ingredients you need to like peppers and onion.

Sliced Hot Dogs
 Start skewering! This is a lot of fun. Just start putting your ingredients on the skewers.

Filling My Skewer
     For some reason every time I make any type of kabob, I HAVE to fill my skewer. I don't know why, but for some reason a skewer that isn't filled from tip to tip makes me nervous.

His Skewer On The Left, My Skewer On The Right
      Grill the kabobs until the veggies are tender and your hot dogs are done.

Grilling The Kabobs
      One of the best things about Dog Kabobs is, there are so many different ways to serve them! You can serve them on a bun with condiments,

On A Bun With Ketchup
On a bun with no condiment (this was my favorite way),
No Condiment
 On a plate salad style,

Salad Style
 And of course, on the skewer with a beer or iced tea in the back yard.

On The Skewer
     This would also be great for brats and sausage. I can't wait to try these on a camping trip! I need to add wood skewers to the list of things to have in the RV all the time. We could throw the skewers in the water to soak before we head out for a trail ride or a day of fishing and they would be ready for cooking by the time we are ready for dinner!

     If you have a hot dog experiment you would like to share, email it to I don't plan on eating another hot dog for a few weeks though, I'm looking forward to a couple days of chicken.

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