Monday, May 21, 2012

A Funny Story About A Lure

 A few years ago I started "customizing" some spoons my husband had that the paint was chipping off of. He took the paint off of those spoons and I painted them & customized them. One of those spoons I painted red, put a "pretty" treble hook on and stuck some Scooby Doo stickers on it and sprayed a clear coat over the top to protect the stickers. I wanted to prove that you didn't HAVE to have a "realistic" lure to catch fish.

My Custom Scooby Lure
We went out to one of our favorite fishing ponds where we've caught some pretty good sized bass and I tied on my Scooby spoon. I was very excited and couldn't wait for the picture of me holding a large bass with the Scooby spoon hanging out of it's mouth. I was composing the email I would send to Hanna Barbera and Bass Pro Shop on the partnership they should create to sell Scooby Spoons.
I raised my favorite fishing rod with my favorite spinning reel, flipped the bail and let go one of my nice long casts. I watched my bright red spoon fly through the air and into the exact spot I wanted it to land and then realized my line was still in the air and not attached to my Scooby spoon. I just stood there and watched the water ripple where my spoon had hit the water. My husband knew something bad had just happened because I wasn't moving. I brought my line in and realized my knot had failed. I was heartbroken because my Scooby spoon was lost forever on it's first ever cast and it was all my fault because my knot tying skills at that time sucked!
We fished for a couple hours, not catching much. I kept thinking about my Scooby spoon out in the middle of the pond and wondered how deep it was in that part of the pond. I kept watching the spot where my lure had landed in the water like a miracle was going to happen and it would float to the surface and I could swim out and get it. The heat and lack of catching finally got to us and we decided to pack up. I made one final cast out with a jig and started reeling in. All of a sudden I was caught on a tree branch on the bottom of the pond. I hadn't got caught on anything all day and started thinking how "funny" of a story this would make some day in the future of loosing a lure on my first and my last casts of the day.
All of a sudden the pond released the tree branch from the bottom and I started dragging it in. I started thinking how funny it would be if there was a fish attached to my lure and it was tangled in the tree branch. When the tree branch came to the bank I realized my lure wasn't attached to the tree branch, it was attached to another lure and that lure was hooked on the tree branch. All of a sudden I realized the other lure was my customized Scooby spoon! It took me a few minutes to process and then I had to tell my husband to hurry and look to confirm I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. I lost the spoon on my first cast of the day and got it back on the last cast! I still laugh every time I tell this story because what are the odds of this ever happening?
I have improved my knot tying skills and haven't used my Scooby spoon since that day.

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  1. This reminds me of a trip my boyfriend and I made to a local pond the first summer I got into fishing. I tied on my go-to lure at the time - a white Strike King Mini-King - cast it out, and like you, watched my lure hit the water while my line was still in the air. The knot had failed. The worst part? I tried twice more to tie lures on and lost them both due to poor knots! We did manage to get two of them back by the end of the day... :)

    Great post!