Friday, May 25, 2012

Pictures #1

I decided to start sharing some photos from our trips. I take a lot of photos during a trip so I will only choose some of my favorites from the trips. These were taken last weekend on our trip to John Martin Reservoir in Hasty, Colorado (near Lamar).
My first Horny Toad encounter in the wild. This was taken at the beginning of our walk around the campground.

Two in one day! This was taken at the end of our walk around the campround.

My niece, Cori and her Blue Gill. It started to flop, that's why she looks like she's afraid of it.

I hate carp, but if it's the only fish I can catch at the time, I'll take long as someone else takes it off the hook.

I know he's not a girl, but he did catch the best fish of the weekend..........with his big sister's support. (FYI: I'm his big sister.)

My sister-in-law Kelly caught a nice Drum. She was reeling in her worm to check on it and the Drum decided he wanted her worm. Good job Kelly!

Also not a girl, but you'll be seeing a lot of him in my photos. Everybody meet my husband Kris!

This is my favorite from the trip. My niece is taking the hook out of her fish's mouth!
Hope you enjoyed the photos! I love sharing photos so if you have any, email me your favorite photos and I'll post some!

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