Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snaps Aren't Just For Swivels

I can't take complete and total credit for this great idea. About a month ago, my husband and I were at the Eagle Claw store in Denver, CO and while I was looking at a wall of hooks I noticed they were using large dual lock snaps to keep their hooks organized in their packages. I got REALLY excited when I started thinking about all of the gear I could organize with those things. I bought 2 different sizes that day and should have bought a couple smaller sizes, too.

 Here are a few uses I have already applied them to:

From left to right: Snap Swivels, Split Rings, Small Hooks, Large Hooks, Weights
 The first thing I organized with my new dual snaps were those split rings. I'm always trying to keep them in their place and they are always escaping and making a mess in my tackle boxes and bag. I haven't had to pick those little things up off the ground or seperated them out of other slots in my tackle box since I put them on their snap!
Some of the eyes on hooks area little small for the bigger sized snaps, but I luckily had some smaller snaps I use on a regular basis so I was prepared for those, too.
The next thing I organized was my walk-in box. I have a Plano box dedicated to times I don't want to carry a full tackle box full of lures and gear into an area we are walking into. (I will share that box in a later post.) I'm able to bring more sizes of weights and hooks because they will stay organized and I won't end up with a hook stuck in my finger trying to find the hook I want. You can keep different sizes of hooks, weights, etc. in the same slot in your tackle box and not have to sort through all of them to find the right size. Here are a couple pictures to demonstrate this. This first photo shows 3 sizes of 3-way swivels all mixed up like they would be in a tackle box slot:

 It only takes a few seconds to make the above photo look like this photo:

Thank you VERY much Eagle Claw for this great idea and the supplies to do it with!

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