Friday, May 11, 2012

Snelled Hook Holders AKA Walley Rig Holder

I hate these:

 They work great to keep your snelled hooks with the leaders on them organized, the leader straight and fit in a tackle box pretty easy. BUT, I hate them. I have trouble getting the hooks on and off and usually end up having to ask for help or end up hurt. Those springs are really strong which is a good thing for storage, but bad for my weak fingers. I thought about using a walleye rig holder, but couldn't figure out how to make it work right until I found this one:

You hook the hooks in the eyelets, wrap the walleye rigs around it and then use small pieces of Velcro to hold them on. No springs!!! Here is what my Snelled Hook Holder looks like right now (it usually has more on it, but I forgot to restock the last time I was at a Sporting Goods store):

You can wrap the leaders around and secure them with the piece of Velcro. You can hook multiple hooks through the eyelets. Here is a closeup of a section.:
They fit in a Plano box really easy, too:

If you have trouble with the springs, you should definitely try these. They're a little hard to find. I found both my walleye rig holders at different stores and they were the only ones at both stores when I found them. If you decide you like the springs better, you can always use the Velcro one for walleye rigs or give it as a gift to someone who hates the spring ones as much as I do.

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