Monday, June 18, 2012

Didn't Go As Planned

Have you ever planned something our perfectly and then when it was time for it to happen, nothing happened the way it was supposed to? For Father's Day yesterday, we planned to load up the entire family (minus my brother-in-law who had to work) in the motor home and bus everybody up to the lake for a fun Father's Day fishing trip. One the way up the hill, we heard a BANG. I was sure we lost another tire this year, but then we smelled exhaust. BOTH mufflers blew out!
2 Blown Up Motor Home Mufflers
So we headed back home, unloaded everybody & everything out of the "bus" and into 2 different vehicles and went for take 2 of the fun Father's Day fishing trip. We finally get to the lake and of course since it's noon, all of the good spots are taken. The wind was crazy so we were trying to find a spot out of the wind, too. We finally found a spot and decided to eat lunch before we set up fishing. I made a very yummy pasta salad and realized I was depending on being in the motor home for lunch so we didn't have plates, utensils or cups. My sister brought our sandwiches in individual baggies so picking up the pasta salad "like picking up dog poop" worked out. I'm a little bummed that my yummy pasta salad will now forever be known as "Dog Poop Salad."
When we first pulled up to the lake, we noticed smoke on the mountain and we were trying to figure out which fire it was. It's so dry in Colorado which is why we have so many big fires burning right now. We need the rain really bad, but the lightning that comes before the rain keeps starting new fires. Anyway, here is a picture of the smoke early in our fishing.

 Then we noticed the smoke was getting bigger faster and darker. We were trying to figure out between the 2 fires in the area, which fire this could be. Both fires in the area have been burnign for awhile and are partially contained so they shouldn't have been spreading like this.

 Once in awhile we could see the reflection of the flames in the smoke! We were watching  drop planes & helicopters come and go pretty quickly. When we got home my brother sent me a text that said we actually watching a NEW fire starting! The fire started at noon when we finally arrived at the lake and it was located about 3 miles from the lake we were fishing! It was a weird & creepy feeling knowing we were watching the beginning of a new fire. It was also amazing knowing all of those planes and helicopters were on it so fast even though there are so many other fires in the state and in the country!

 We didn't catch any fish so we were finding ways of keeping ourselves entertained. When my niece and I get bored, we start playing with my camera. She does something cute and/or silly, I take the picture, she says "Let me see!" and we laugh at the picture on my viewer. It's fun for both of us.

The fishing net wasn't being used for fish anyway.

She now has her own "noculars" so she doesn't have to use Aunt Hilary's anymore. (Unless she asks to use Aunt Hilary's.)
Even though the motor home blew up, we watched a new fire start, the wind was horrible, all of the good fishing spots were taken and I'm convinced there are no fish in that lake, we had a fun Father's Day fishing trip because we were all together hanging out. I hope the next trip goes a little closer to plan and I hope the new mufflers get here soon.

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