Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wormy Wednesday - Some Facts

For this Wormy Wednesday I was having trouble narrowing down 1 topic to discuss so I thought I'd give some interesting facts about worm farming. I don't have any interesting updates on my worm farm since it's only the first week. All of my worms have gone down into the bedding so a picture would be really boring right now.

Here are som facts:
  • The technical name for worm farming is called Vermiculture. (I'm going to continue calling it Worm Farming on this blog - easier to spell.)
  • You can start the harvesting process after only 2 months after initial setup and then about once a month after that. (Busy little things!)
  • Each worm has the reproductive system of BOTH sexes, but you still have to have 2 worms for the reproduction to take place.
  • Worms move by stretching and pulling their strong muscles. (Which is why they can burrow into the dirt so easily and which is why they don't slither like a snake.)
  • Redworms are one of the easiest worms to farm and Earthworms are one of the hardest. (I never do things the easy way!)
  • Redworms are the best choice for compost piles because they consume large amounts of organic matter. They also live closer to the surface and reproduce very quickly.
  • There are over 1,800 species of Earthworms!
  • Worms can drown in soil! (I learned this one on my own.)
  • You can not feed worms meat, dairy, fatty foods, citrus, onion and garlic.
  • Worms like to eat: bread, fruit peels & cores (no citrus), vegetables, eggshells, hair, coffee & tea grounds and a LOT more.
Hope you learned some new fun facts on this Wormy Wednesday. If you have any fun facts about worms, let me know so I can share with everybody. Next week we'll discuss the worm habitat and maybe discuss some of the mistakes I made the first time I tried worm farming......unless I'm still too traumatized to discuss them.

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