Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fishin' Wagon

There are a few of our favorite fishing spots that we have to walk into. When we do walk into these places, we always pack lite but there's still a lot to carry. We found this wagon at Harbour Freight Tools and it has worked GREAT!
 We made a few modifications to it like added the spare tire on the back, added some stickers and modified the handle. If you look close at the handle, you can see a silver area in the middle. My husband modified it so we can make it longer or leave it at it's normal length. It has to be at normal length to fit in a vehicle, but is more comforatable to pull with the longer length.
It also makes a good place to store stuff while we're fishing so we don't loose the net, scissors or reel covers. If we forget rod holders we can also lean rods against it.
 Another helpful use is drying lures before putting them back in the tackle box.
We love our fishin' wagon and since we've been using it, we've noticed other people in our area using wagons to carry their fishing gear into .

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