Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pony Tail For Your Helmet

For my wedding anniversary, my husband got me a pony tail for my helmet!! I saw pictures of them online and thought they'd be fun and now that I have one, I know they're fun!

It came as a 2 pack to do pigtails but I decided to start off with a ponytail for now. They stick on with suction cups with a little vegetable oil on it so it won't mess up your helmet if you decide to change the position or from ponytail to pigtails. They also have mohawks, spike mohawks, viking horns and several colors of pigtails & ponytails.

I can't wait to go riding with my new helmet ponytail!

Check out Helmets Inc. Here is a direct link to the page with the mowhoawks & ponytails.

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