Monday, July 30, 2012

Check Your Spare Tire Covers

I have some VERY important advice for you. Check your spare tire covers on a regular basis! This is a lesson we learned last summer. We went on a camping trip towards the end of June for a long weekend and when we came back home we had to wash the motorhome. My husband was messing with the spare tire cover and noticed some weeds in the wheel. We had a mouse that tried to get into the cab of the motrohome so we thought the mouse gave up and decided to nest in the spare tire instead. Thankfully we were wrong.

 A bird had gotten into the spare tire cover, made a nest in the wheel and layed a couple eggs! I was very happy it wasn't a mouse (I have a fear of mice) but felt a little bad for the bird that made the nest and then couldn't find her nest when we went camping.

 We placed the nest in the tree beside the motorhome's parking spot but I don't know if the bird ever came back to the nest because we forgot about it.

Check your spare tire covers on everything including your trailers, rvs and other vehicles that don't get moved very often. I also check the regular tires since we have covers over them to protect the tires from the sun. I think the bird learned her lesson though because I haven't seen any signs of her trying to make another nest in any of our wheels.

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