Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Have A Spinning Problem

I would make a REALLY bad fish. I have a "thing" for spinning and flashing metal. I would fall for a Rooster Tail, Tail Spin, Beetle Spin or any other spinner EVERY time! When I'm in a sporting goods store I always end up in the areas they keep the spinners and have to be drug out. I'm pretty sure I own every color of Rooster Tail and a few colors in several sizes. You really can't see the extent of my ........"problem" in this picture because there are a lot of spinners that have to share a slot with many other spinners.

 I even use only spinning reels. My Tiny Lite (the gold one in the middle of the front row) is one of my favorite for casting. My Browning and my Quantum are my MOST favorite for casting. The big black one in the middle of the back row is for my catfish rod (I'll share that in a later post) and it is not good for casting.

 One of my most favorite spinners is from Bass Pro Shops and is called the Tail Spin. I own every color of every size of this lure and they have their own box and none of them have to sharea slot! That bottom row has a couple different variations of the Tail Spin made by other companies & my lucky Tail Spin that has caught a BUNCH of large mouth bass.

 Here are a few colors and all 3 sizes of the Tail Spins (with hook bonnets of course). These are one lure I don't buy as gifts for friends and family because.............well, because I don't want to share them.

Another of my favorite spinners is the Beetle Spin. They also have their own box (except the 2 huge ones have to go in a different box). I don't own ever color of every size of these though because I would need many more boxes.

 There are a lot of different variations of Beetle Spins, especially now that they are becoming more popular. With the spinner arm (which you can buy separately), you can use different jig heads with different plastic bodies. The black, red and yellow Beetle Spin on the bottom row on the left is the lure I caught by biggest large mouth bass on.

If you have a spinning problem, please share! If you see me being drug out of the spinning aisles in a sporting goods store, please stop and say "Hi!".............. and distract my husband so I can sneak back to the spinners. Thank you!

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