Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wormy Wednesday - Take 2!

Okay, here we go again. The first step to starting over was to find a cooler palce in my house to store the worms. I hope my guests don't mind sharing a room with the worms when they come to visit. I don't havea  basement and I'm afraid of forgetting about the worms if I store them in the crawel space. I'm hopeing the back bedroom is cool enough. If not, I'm going to give up on the Frabill Habitat II for awhile. I have a feeling the styrophoam does it's job too well for my house. I will do a daily temperature check for awhile to make sure my worms don't get too warm again.

 Next I cut back to a half pound of bedding. This will give me a lot more room to "fluff" the bedding and the airholes in the lid will work better, too. I will keep an eye on how the worms are liking the extra space because the Frabill instructins say 1 pound of bedding will take care of 30 to 35 crawlers and I have 20 worms.

 I added the worms and some of the dirt they came in. Adding the dirt wasn't exatly planned, but I don't think it will hurt either.

Keep your fingers crossed! We were so close to getting to talk about "Worm Tea" last time!

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