Monday, July 16, 2012

Pictures #3

Sunday we started off at DeWeese Lake but didn't catch anything and got annoyed by some disrespectful jet skiers.

DeWeese Lake

Next we moved to the Arkansas River. River fishing frustrates me and these annoying birds kept laughing at me!

Birds Laughing at Me
This is a bridge that will lead to some new ATV trails once the weather cools off a little more.

My husband fishing the river.

Some rafters. The guide said he had been talking to other people fishing the river and nobody was doing good.

These rocks became a good place to sit and fish. I found that if I sat on the rocks, I didn't get tangled up as much. I still didn't catch anything, but I think it was my most successful river fishing trip because I didn't lose any lures, I didn't almost lose a fishing rod and my husband didn't have to cut any tree limbs to get me untangled.

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