Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Girl's Birthday In The Outdoors

     Last weekend was my birthday camping trip. We had a lot of fun and I think it was one of my favorite birthdays ever. The girls and I posed for a picture after we set up camp.
      My husband let me open a gift a couple days early so that I could the gift during the trip. My girls helped me open my gift.

      Look what I got!! I will admit I'm spoiled. That red shiny tube was supposed to change the color of the didn't really work.

      During our trip we had a visitor come through camp. He didn't stay long but it was nice of him to come visit.
      There was another girl celebrating her birthday last weekend. My little Sasha turned 10 so we celebrated with some Pup Sundaes (for the dogs, we didn't want any lactose free beef flavored ice cream).

      You can kind of see the ice cream on the top of her nose. She was having a great birthday, too.

Big (and younger) sister Kaos also enjoyed the Pup Sundae.

     On my birthday I opened my last gift but couldn't try it out until I got home. Part of it was those bands you put on your rolling pin so you roll dough out to an even thickness - I didn't get a picture of those for some reason. The other part were these!

      I can't wait to get to try them! My hands are going to stay nice and warm when we're riding in the cold weather. I wish they made them for feet, too.

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