Monday, October 15, 2012

New Targets & A New Shooter

     This weekend we took my brother, sister-in-law and niece shooting and to try out a couple new targets. The first target to try out was the battleship target. We picked these up at our last trip to Bass Pro and they are a lot of fun. I shot against my brother first. I beat him and also had the high score for the day. The amazing part is, my sights were REALLY off. I was aiming one square down and one-and-a-half squares to the right to hit the edge of circle.
Battleship Game Target
      My sister-in-law tried out my husband's 1911 .45 ACP pistol for the first time. I hate shooting the bigger pistols, but she was having fun with it.

Go Kelly!
      We always clean up our brass and shells after shooting and have a couple of those grabbers for picking up a lot. Cleaning up brass and shells because my niece's favorite part of shooting (at the beginning).
Clean Up Time
      My niece also liked helping change out targets. She helped her dad hang up new fly paper and another battleship game and she also helped arrange cans, the softball and went on the hunt for clay pigeons that survived.

Target Changing
      This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. My sister-in-law is on my .22 rifle and my brother is on my husband's .22 rifle playing the battleship game. My brother beat his wife, but not by very much.
Go Kelly!!
      My niece was going through our range bag and found my red shooting glasses that I forgot I had. She pointed out that they matched my red ear muffs, my red shirt I was wearing, my red gun, my red, my red ATV, my red sunglasses I used to wear and a few other red things I own that she remembered. One of these days I need to explain to her that just because it's red, doesn't mean it belongs to Aunt Hilary.

Red Shooting Glasses
      My niece asked when it was going to be her turn to shoot. She is 3 so at first we were thinking she better wait another year and then she used that cute face of us and Uncle Kris pulled out some Calibri .22 ammo. If you don't know about that ammo, there's no kick at all and hardly any noise. It worked great for her first time shooting.
Uncle Kris Helping Her Shoot For The First Time
     After her first 5 shots, we had to check out if she hit any flies. She didn't want to pose for pictures with her first target, she wanted to shoot some more!
Checking Out How She Did
      The next 5 shots Uncle Kris tried to aim and she worked on pulling the trigger by herself. She was having a lot of fun.

Pulling The Trigger By Herself

      She was trying to see if she hit any flies and it looked like she didn't. Later that night my brother sent me a text saying they found a fly with a hole in it! She was a very happy little girl after they found that hole.
Checking For Holes In Flies
 After her second turn at shooting she decided it was OK to pose for some pictures.

Girls In The Outdoors

Pointing At Some Of Her Shots
      It's hard to see in this next picture (which is why it's so big), but she is throwing pigeons. Those hand throwers for pigeons drive me crazy because I can't get them to work right. Kelly was also having trouble with them so we got the sling shot thrower out. If you don't have a sling shot thrower for pigeons, you need to get one! They work a lot better, you have more control and it's a lot of fun!

     My niece decided that since she was such a good shooter, she was going to try "reloading" shotgun shells.
      My niece decided 4 hours of shooting was enough and since we were getting hungry and tired, we decided it was finale time. When we bought the battleship targets, we also found Star Targets. We bought the smallest one just to try it out and it was AWESOME! Star Targets are reactive targets like the ones they shoot on Top Shot (shooting competition show on History Channel) only without the big flames. There was a BOOM and a bunch of smoke and then a bunch of laughing.

Imagine a big boom mixed in with that smoke.
     The can is what the target was sitting on and to the right of the hand you can kind of see a piece of plastic which was what was left of the bottom of the container/target.

     It was a great day! New targets and seeing my niece shoot for the first time made the day even better.

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  1. I can remember shooting shotguns, deer rifles when I was a youngster. I don't think you ever forget even if you never pick on up again.