Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 6 Month Anniversary To Girls In The Outdoors!

      October 23rd is our 6 month blog-aversary! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!

     April 23, 2012 I posted my first post called Welcome To My Blog! and crossed my fingers someone would read it. I also started the Girls In The Outdoors Facebook page and hoped to get a like from someone I didn't know. I wanted to start a blog for women to learn and share their experiences in the outdoors. I had no idea that so many people would read my blog and learn from some of my advice! The excitement and support keeps me coming up with new ideas for posts every week.

     I want to thank all of my readers for your support, your comments, Facebook likes and Twitter follows.  To thank everybody, we are holding a competition. It will be a random drawing contest! I want to know what would be your dream trip. Is there a place you would LOVE to fish, hunt, camp, hike or visit? Is there a fish you dream about catching, an animal you dream about hunting, a gun you dream about shooting or a trail you dream about driving, riding or hiking?
      My dream fish to catch would be a peacock bass. I like fishing for bass, but I think a peacock bass would be the coolest fish to catch ever! It could be the artist in me loving all the colors and unique striping making me want to catch one and take multiple photos of. I would LOVE to fish for a peacock bass.

Okay, you know my dream, what's your's? Post in the comments what your dream would be and be sure to leave your name with your answer so I know who to write on the little slips of paper for the drawing. If you don't see your comment right away or if you leave a question and I don't answer right away, don't worry because we will also be celebrating my birthday this weekend!


  1. Well, Happy birthday! My dream is to retire to Salida and fish my days away with all the old guys there.

  2. I thought I'd entered this already! Agh, stupid phone not posting comments for me! Happy belated birthday and 6-month blog-aversary! At present, my dream trip would be to fish Lake Nipigon (here in Ontario) for giant brookies. There would be picture on my living room wall of the beautiful trout I caught, with a note saying the date I caught it and that I released it to be caught again :)