Sunday, October 7, 2012

What To Do When It's Too Cold To Go Outdoors

      This weekend we wanted to go do some pike fishing and do some work on outside projects but Saturday's weather didn't cooperate for either. Since we couldn't be in the outdoors, we did the next best thing!
     First we headed north and we drove through some fog (FYI: when I say "we drove," I actually mean my husband drove and I took pictures):
Then we drove through some snow:
 We saw some fall colors:

 And then we went here:

 And then we made it to Outdoor World!:


 Then it was time to head back south:

Of course we found rain at Monument Hill:

 The rain went away after Monument Hill:

 And then we went here:

 And then we drove home in the dark:

     We weren't the only ones that decided to visit sporting goods stores on Saturday since the weather was cold, rainy, snowy and foggy because all of the stores were went to were busy. I am pretty sure we were the only people that went to Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop and Sportsman's Warehouse all in the same day. We also went to Bed Bath & Beyond (forgot to take a picture of that one and on this day it counted as a sporting goods store because we bought some stuff for the motorhome. It was a fun day, but I wish we had been fishing like we had originally wanted to do.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that I stayed home and started decorating my mind for Halloween.