Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Organized Day Trip Is A Fun Day Trip

     Last year I found this Plano box and if you don't own it, I highly recommend it! I love it for day trips, packing in the ATV or for areas we have to walk into and don't want to carry a bunch of gear into. I have the smaller size, but last spring I saw the bigger size at Bass Pro.
     In this picture you can see it looks a little different from a regular Plano box. That is because it has 2 layers! Here is the top layer set up with jigs and spinners for bass.
     Here is the bottom later set up with other lures, tubes, hooks, weights and bobbers for catfish and bass fishing.
     One of our favorite ponds to fish is a walk-in area. Some days when we don't want to bring much gear in with us, I pack some of my catfish and bass gear up and put the box in my day bag.
     Some of the areas we ride the ATVs have beaver ponds and small lakes near the trail. When we plan for those trips I change everything out for trout.

     You'll notice a few jigs, bobbers and terminal tackle that stay in the box all the time. I highly recommend this double layer Plano box and am thinking about getting the bigger one for myself to take on the boat! The only bad thing about the box is having to remember to latch the top layer before opening the bottom later. After about 3 times of picking up spinners and jigs, I always check latches before flipping the top off the bottom.

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  1. I've got several of these and are great for easy hikes in when you don't need to bring much gear with with.