Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Fun Camping & ATV Trip - Part 1

Last weekend we went on a really fun trip for my husband's birthday. It had been a long time since we had done an offroading camping trip and the first one where I was a driver. We used to take the Wagoneer (fullsize, holds 6-7 people & all of their stuff plus a few other people's stuff). I could take lots of pictures and enjoy the views in the Jeep because my husband drove and I was a passenger. We have been on several trails around our area so I wasn't too nervous about driving on the trails, I was nervous about not being able to take my pictures! If I came home with only 50 pictures I'd be crushed! Thankfully, my husband is really good at recognizing when I will probably want to stop to take a picture so I did ok. I didn't get as many as I used to get, but this trip was so much fun, I know we'll go back to that area and I can get the pictures I missed. I'm only going to share a "few" pictures and it's going to take at least 3 parts to share those "few." Hope you enjoy!

View near camp.


A Beaver Pond

Another Beaver Pond

Some Wild Flowers

My little Sasha isn't showing off her new riding harness in this photo, she is yipping and yapping at her shadow! She's never done that before! It was REALLY annoying.

A Pretty Meadow

A Pretty Creek

A Pretty View

We saw this mountain from several different views that weekend.

Look close and you can see a doe. The buck picture from the other side of the trail didn't turn out very well.

My girls and the ATVs.


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