Monday, August 27, 2012

Contest Results

 The results are finally in!! First I would like to thank everybody who entered. All of the entries were really good........really, really good. I couldn't decide on just one winner, so I have 2 winners! I was surprised and excited that most entries were from men! Both winners were both from men and when the winners replied to my emails to give me their addresses, they both said the prizes were going to the girls in the photos! Great job guys! The first winner is:

Pat Thurman

Here is a pic of my Daughter who has turned into quite the fly fisherwoman. On this day she caught 2 fish bigger than any one else. The days that she fishes with me are better than any other regardless of what or how many fish are caught. I think there is no better joy than standing in a river with your son or daughter.

That last line of Pat's short story gets me every time!! I would add nieces and nephews to that line. Thank you and congratulations Pat!

The next winner is:

Howard Levett


I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people learn to fly fish over the years. None have brought me as much joy as teaching my favorite fishing partner, my wife Pam.
To be fair, Pam was raised in the wilds of mid Ohio and became an outdoor lover without my help. Fishing was not new to her. Neither was a true love of all things outdoors from bird watching, hiking and forestry.  (She requested a chainsaw for her birthday last year!) Moving to Colorado in her twenties just whet her appetite for more things outdoors, including fly fishing.
I can’t say that she does “things” exactly the way I do, but I’m proud that she’s a better caster, is the first in and last out on the water and embodies the true spirit of the outdoors. Now if I can just get her interested in the blog and start tying her own flies…


Pam on the left helping her niece Emily with her first trout.

Thanks & congratulations Howard! I love that his wife wanted a chainsaw for Christmas! I had to include the picture of Pam and her niece because I have a soft spot for stories about kids. Be sure to check out Howard's blog, too:

Thank you again for all of the entries! They were all great and it was a very hard choice to make.


  1. Hello Hilary, I want to thank you for the contest! My wife will never believe that she won anything, so it will be our little secret. I'm a firm believer that the sport needs more women for their unique perspective on fishing and life.(compared to men's perspective, which is usually wrong or sketchy at best.) Cheers and congrats to Pat, who is a Facebook buddy!

  2. Thanks Hilary, My daughter is very excited to hear the news. A very fine contest and Thanks and congrats to Howard and Pam.