Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Want To See Pictures!!

It's Time For The Contest!!!
As a celebration and thank you to all of my readers over the past 3 months, I am having a contest. The prizes are fishing themed so the we are going to go with fishing themed contest. I've mentioned many times that I love taking photos and every post on this blog has had, and should always have, a photo in it somewhere. So of course it will be a photo contest. Behind every photo there is a story, sometimes it may be a very short story or a very long story. Email me your pictures and short stories for these themes (no limit on the number of entries, the more the better!):
  1. Share a picture with a short story about how and/or who got you interested in fishing.
  2. Share a picture with a  short story of how you got a girl interested in fishing.
  3. Share a picture with a short story about how you got back into fishing after not fishing for awhile (more than a few days or months).
I want to see smiles!! You don't have to have a fish in the picture, just have a fishing theme (standing by the lake or river, holding gishing gear, etc.) Email me your pictures, short stories and if you have a blog or website send me your link, too. Email your entries to GirlsInTheOutdoors(at)yahoo(dot)com. Put PHOTO CONTEST in the subject so I can watch for the emails easier and catch them if the go into my spam and send only 1 entry per email. I will post my favorite photos and stories on this blog. The email you use to send your entry is the email I will inform you if you win. Send your entries in by August 19, 2012 at midnight MST.
Prizes will be some of the items I've written about in previous or future posts like hook bonnets, snaps, bug bracelets, spinners and maybe a few other items (no worms).

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  1. Here's one guy that has learned that girls in the outdoors have someone to say and teach us guys. Thanks!