Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wormy Wednesday - Castings

See that dark stuff in the picture above? That is called Worm Castings....or worm poop. A lot of people that raise worms do it just to get the castings. The castings are rich in nutrients for plants they are used for fertilizer which organic gardners love. When the castings are mixed with water, it is callede Castings Tea and plants love Castings Tea. It's not recomended to use Castings or Castings Tea on houseplants only because sometimes it can cause odors you don't want in your house.
I was amazed what a huge deal Worm Castings are when I first started researching worm farming. I thought you just threw the bedding away with the worm poop in it but now I'm going to take care of my flower beds.

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