Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pictures #4 - An ATV ride

Last weekend we took the girls for a ride. We wanted to try out their new homemade doggy riding baskets close to home before we took them on a trip away from home and found out they didn't work. Since it was a successful trip, I hope to be showing you pictures from another ride with the girls soon! I love being able to take my girls on our outdoor adventures!

Two of my favorite riding partners: My husband Kris and my Lady Kaos.

My other favorite riding partner: My Sasha Doo

The first time I rode over that obstacle I freaked out so I'm afraid to go over it still.  I'm hoping by next summer I can do that obstacle myself instead of having my husband ride Red through it.

Kris and The Big Bad Wolf. He makes that obstacle look easy.

I love being up in the mountains on rides!

Another picture of the great views.

This was a hard picture to get since you use your right hand to take photos and to press on the throttle of the ATV. I spent the entire day laughing and her and her flying ears. I love that little girl!

I love these two, also! Kaos loves rock crawling and is very happy to be out on a trail again.

This was version 2 of Kaos' doggy riding box and to prove how much she liked her doggy box, she relaxed while Kris played on a rock.

"Stop playing on that rock and let's go! My ears need to fly!"

I can't remember what I was trying to get a picture of, but it turned out to be a funny picture.

You really can't see the cool rocks I was taking a picture of.

I spent the entire day laughing at the back of Sasha and Kris spent the entire day laughing at the front of her. You really can't see just how she was leaning over the edge. He had her arms on the edge like a human would lean their arms out a car window driving down the road.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I'm not allowed to drive anymore because of my advanced...well everything.