Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wormy Wednesday On A Thursday

I have a good reason why Wormy Wednesday is a day late.......It's Gunnar's fault. He was in charge of the post and he says he couldn't fit blogging into his busy schedule of sleeping all day and being on time to all 3 meals.
Gunnar Doing Some Blogging
 Okay, not really. I was working on something really exciting and lost track of time. That announcement will hopefully be coming soon. There might be another contest in the near future because of it.

This week it was time to change the bedding. I wore gloves for this because of all of the castings. I would have done pretty good if I sold worm casings. When it's time to change the bedding, it is also time to look for signs of baby worms. It takes at least 2 months for worms to start breeding after the initial set so it's not time for there to me any in my worm farm.

I found all 20 worms and only 2 were dead. There was one very chubby worm which was a good sign.
 These are some happy worms in some new bedding.
Maybe next time I change the bedding we can talk about baby worms.

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